Kiwi Made Team

Our Team

We are a blended multi-generational family of creative entrepreneurs with Māori and Pakeha roots, and our whānau have always been at home in nature. We are grateful to be able to spend each day creating at our workshop based in the beautiful coastal Waitākere Ranges.

As homebodies, when we aren’t busy crafting we spend our time at home with our beloved animals. We enjoy growing vegetables and herbs in our wild-style garden- when they aren’t being eaten by the local family of wild turkeys we‘ve developed a soft spot for! On a quiet weekend you might find some of us huddled around a board game, or online team gaming together.

Our Vision

Our tamariki were raised with an open mind to the benefits of holistic living. We believe in improving our general wellbeing on all levels, with each aspect of life being equally important. This includes PLAY as an incredibly important part of living a healthy life. The Māori health model known as te whare tapa whā (the four cornerstones/sides) perfectly encapsulates this concept.

A holistic approach can also be applied to education by providing children with a personalised learning experience. Every human is born with inherent potential to develop the unique strengths and talents hidden within them. It’s our responsibility as teachers, tutors, carers, and parents, to acknowledge our tamariki as the complex individuals they are, and to hold space for them to explore their personal strengths. 

In the same vein, we believe educational resources need to reflect the individual learning journey of each child in order to have the deepest effect. We aim to provide educational toys that cater to a wide range of interests, lifestyles, cultural needs, and identities within the communities of Aotearoa.